FM Education on IFMA Education and UC Berkeley FM

FM Education on IFMA Education and UC Berkeley FM

IFMA East Bay Chapter Special Event

FM Education with a special emphasis on IFMA Education and UC Berkeley FM Certificate Programs

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Competencies - Credentials - Certificates - Certification (What is the differences?)
*The 11 Competencies (What are they and where do they come from)
*Credentials - (What is a credential?)
*Certificates - (What is a Certificate?)
*Certification - (What is a Certification?)

THE FMP Credential - (Who? What? When? Where? And How?)
THE SFP Credential - (Who? What? When? Where? And How?)
THE CFM Certification - (Who? What? When? Where? And How?)

University of California - Berkeley
*Certificate Program in Facilities Management since 1992. Started through/Founded by the SF Chapter
*Core Courses
*Timing/Delivery and other lessons learned

**Questions and Answers

**Pro's and Con's to be discussed if time permits.

Jon E. Martens, FMP, SFP, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow
Jon has conducted consultancy work, educational seminars and presentations to companies and groups for over 40+ years, around the world on the dimensions and challenges facing facilities professionals. In addition to his public speaking and lectures, his instructional talents and experience with many academia organizations, associations, and universities makes him highly sought after. Jon is an IFMA-certified Master-Instructor of all of IFMA's 11 competency courses, known as the Facilities Management Learning System (FMLS), the Facilities Management Professional (the FMP), the Sustainable Facility Professional (the SFP), and is world renown for his expertise with the Certified Facility Manager (the CFM) Exam Prep Course. He has participated the longest and with the greatest depth within IFMA on the CFM, with exam development, course writing, up to and including the most recent course materials this past year, newly released. Jon has developed and taught Facilities Management Courses at the University of California - Berkeley, CA, USA for over 20 years. He was inducted into IFMA's Fellows as class of 2008 and is known for being a sought after subject matter expert in FM.

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